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In 1943 I was drafted into World War 11 right out of Madison High School, Rochester, NY. This is my story as told in the letters I wrote home. They’re all here, all 192 of them. Spend some time with me as I describe my experiences in basic training and then off to war. They were written in an attempt to help me feel close to my family and to let them know what was going on in my life. It’s the first time I was away from home and I have to confess that I was homesick. My folks were Esther and Jacob Kaplow. We were four children in this order: Arnette, Ruth, Bob, and myself.

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Posts to Ben’s blog will resume soon.

January 21, 2010

After a temporary hiatus to this blog, you will be able to listen to recitations of Ben’s letters at http://www.benkaplow.com   Voice-Over talents from all over the country have joined with Brighton High School and University of Rochester students, family and friends as they all bring Ben’s letters to life.

I wanted Ben’s handwriting to appear on the website.  Viewers, visualizing Ben as he writes home to his family during World War 11, may experience a deeper connection with him as his penmanship changes with each letter.  Could his handwriting actually reveal his emotions of anger, wonder, concern, humor and worry about the action swirling around him?  I think so.  However, I suspect that’s for a handwriting expert to say.

Your patience is very appreciated.  In my younger days, I would have worked on this blog and the website simultaneously.  Please bear with me.  The recordings of the 1945 letters have begun.  The transcriptions fly out (email), and wonderful interpretations of Ben’s letters are returned.  This, I confess, slows me down because I am fascinated as I listen again and again to the recitations.  Upon completion, I will return to blogging the 1944 letters.

My utmost gratitude to everyone who has taken their time and talent to honor Ben.

My best,
Florence - Ben's wife


  1. All you World War 1 Soldiers will definitely be remembered. All your hard work will not go to waste. Thanks for bringing us peace.

  2. Dear Florence,

    Thank you for your wonderful website and blog. I will be following them both. I too am blessed with a large collection of over 300 WWII letters written by my father Pfc. William Wellington Taylor,Jr. 100th. Infantry Division, 399th. Regiment, Co A. His unit spent 178 consecutive days on the battle line in France and Germany in 1944-1945.

    These letters can be read on my blog at: